CIFEJ Prize Winners

30th International Film Festival for Children and Youth, Iran; 30th June-06 July. 2017
CIFEJ Prize Winner: Are You Volleyball?
Original Title: Are You Volleyball?
15 min/Iran/2017
Director: Mohammad Bakhshi
Producer: Nima Rabiee
Screenwriter: Mohammad Bakhshi
Editor: Esmaeil Alizadeh                                                                                                              
Music: Behnood Yakhchali, Majid Nazempour                                                                              
CIFEJ Jury Member: Firdoze Bulbulia (South Africa),  Mohsen Chiniforoushan (Iran), Sannette Naeyé (the Netherlands)
A group of refugees have arrived at the border but the soldiers and guards are being mean to them. Some kids however pave the way for their getting closer to each other.

Honorary Diploma
And also The Honorary Diploma was awarded to the film “The End of Dreams”
Director: Mohammad Ali Talebi
92 Min/Iran/2017
Producer: Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (Kanoon)                          
Editor: Hassan Hassandoust                                                                                                                                 
Music: Siavash Talebi
The Movie narrates the Story of a young boy who lives with his family in one of the northern villages and develops a liking for horses after one enters their house. However, he gets into trouble by a mistake he makes.  

10th Tehran International Animation Festival 2017, Iran; 05-09 March., 2017
CIFEJ Prize Winner: Mama Heron
Original Title: Mama Heron
11 min/Russia/2015
Director: Marina Karpova
Producer: Andrey Dobrunov / Soyuzmultifilm film studio
Screenplay: Roza Khusnutdinova                                
CIFEJ Jury Member: Ebrahim Forouzesh (Iran), Carmen Santos (Spain), Pierre Heber (Canada)
A Heron has her own life in the bog and does’nt think to be a mother. But life has its own plans for her.

19th Olympia Int’l Film Festival for Children & Young People, Greece; 03-10 Dec., 2016
CIFEJ Prize Winner:The Trap
Original Title: Ottaal
81 min/India/2015
Director: Rajaya Rajesekharan Nair
Producer: K. Mohan
Production Company: Seven Arts Mohan
Screenplay: Jashi Mangalath
CIFEJ Jury Member: Eszter Vuojala
Loosely based on Anton Chekhov’s short story Vanka, OTTAAL centers on eight-year-old Kuttappayi, an orphan who goes to live with his kind grandfather in the Kerala countryside. For a while, things are idyllic. Days are spent fishing, reading, playing with other local children and tending to flocks of ducks that bob about in flooded fields. Then, two realities converge: Kuttappayi’s grandfather falls ill, and an opportunity seemingly arises for the young boy to go to school in the city. But all is not what it seems.

Dytiatko International Children’s Television Festival, Ukraine; 21-24 Sep., 2016 
CIFEJ Prize Winner: My Daddy Eric Tsang
19 Min/China/2015       
Director: Meng Wang
CIFEJ Jury Member: Sannette Naeye
Student Nuoyi Zeng grows up in a one-parent family. His grades are not well and he has low self-esteem, his classmates often laugh at him. When the class teacher arranges a writing competition about each student’s father, Nuoyi asks his mother who is his father and what does he looks like. What his mother tells him, could it really be true?

18th Olympia Int’l Film Festival for Children & Young People, Greece; 28 Nov.-05 Dec., 2015
CIFEJ Prize Winner: Birds of Passage
Original Title: Les Oiseaux de Passage
84 min/Belgium/2015
Director: Oliver Ringer
Producer: Yves Ringer
Production Company:  Ring Prod
CIFEJ Jury Member: Marketa Pasmova
Having your birthday on February 29 is terribly stupid. It’s even worse when you get a duck egg for a birthday present. Ten-year-old Cathy and her best friend Margaux hatch the egg and see how the duckling crawls out of the egg. They really want to take care of the little duckling, but her parents don’t want an animal in their house. The duckling is quite likely to end up as canned cat food. Cathy and Margaux set out on an adventurous journey to rescue it.

29th International Festival of Films for Young Adults-Hamedan Iran; 25-30 Sep., 2015                                                                 
CIFEJ Prize Winner: Captain
Original Title: Gamiji
Director: Majid Esmaeili Parsa
85 Min/Iran/2014
CIFEJ Jury Members:  Selven Naidu (Mauritus), Ebrahim Forouzesh (Iran), Pravda Kirova (Bulgaria)
Hasan, a teenager, is trying to repair the grounded ship of his father and give it to him fad for his birthday. But his brother doesn’t want that to happen and …

International Children's Television Festival «Dytiatko», Ukraine; 23-26 Sep, 2015
CIFEJ Prize Winner: Cloudy Children
Original Title: Bachehay Abri
Director: Reza Fahimi
18 min 05 sec/Iran/2014
CIFEJ Jury Members: Prof. Dragan Milinković Fimon (Serbia), Volodymyr Diagilev (Ukraine), Angelica Averkova (Republic of Belarus)
The story of two rural kids who have struggle over thing‘s that cannot be earned .Finally all of a sudden they share all their lacking.

9th Tehran International Animation Festival, Iran; 08-12 Mar, 2015
CIFEJ Prize Winner: When I Was a Child
Original Title: Vaghti ke bache boudam
Director, Script Writer, Animator: Maryam Kashkoolinia
8 Min, 30 Sec/Iran/2014
Production Company: Kanoon
CIFEJ Jury Member: Giannalberto Bendazzi
(Italy), Volodymyr Dyagilev (Ukraine), Fereshteh Taerpour (Iran)
A woman reviews on her childhood and her fears…

Honorary Diploma
And also The Honorary Diploma was awarded to the film “Mia”

Director: Wouter Bongaerts
9 Min/Belguim, Netherlands/2013
Producers: Viviane Vanfleteren, Arnoud Rijken
7-year-old Mia tries to liberate her overworked mother from the clutches of an overpopulated metropolis. In her quest, she unlocks the hidden secrets that make the world turn.
Olympia Int’l Film Festival for Children & Young People, Greece; 29 Nov-06 Dec, 2014
CIFEJ Prize Winner: The Fort
Original Title: Killa
Director: Avinash Arun
107 min/ India/2014
Production Company: Jar Pictures
Producers: Madhukar R. Musle, Alan McAlex, Ajay G. Rai
CIFEJ Jury Member: Carmen Santos (Spain)
Trying to cope with the recent death of his father, 11-year-old Chinu moves from a big city to a small Konkan town because of his mother’s job transfer. He finds it difficult to adjust to the new environment and he feels alienated and reluctant to open up to other people. Both Chinu and his mother deal with their own individual struggles and anxieties in the new town. In the end of this process, they emerge with new experiences as newer people, both healed and enriched
 28th Isfahan International Festival of Films for Children and Young Adults, Iran; 3-6 Oct, 2014
CIFEJ Prize Winner: Promise
Original Title: Ghole
Director: Mohammad Ali Talebi
90 min/Iran/2014
Producer: Mohammad Ali Talebi
CIFEJ Jury Members: Abdollah Alimorad (Iran), Christine L. Mendoza (USA), Prof. Dragan Milinković Fimon (Serbia)
Pooriya, a 15-year-old boy and his neighbor Danial are close friends. Due to a terrible happening to Danial, Pooriya who is extremely frightened and blames himself, decides to hide it from others.
9th Children’s India International Children’s Film Festival, India; 20-24 Jan, 2014
CIFEJ Prize Winner: Mother, I Love You
Original Title: Mammu, es tevi mīlu
Director: Janis Nords 
82 min/Latvia/2013
Production Company: Film Studio Tanka
World Sales: New Europe Film Sales
CIFEJ Jury Member: Vinod Ganatra (India)
Raimonds, a 12 year old boy, falls into a world of petty crime while trying to stay out of trouble with his mother.
Olympia Int’l Film Festival for Children & Young People, Greece; 30 Nov-07 Dec, 2013
CIFEJ Prize Winner: Irina-The Scarlet Briefcase
Original Title: Irina-La mallette rouge
Director: Bernard Mazauric
87 min/ France/2013
Production Company: Mazauric Prod.
CIFEJ Jury Member: Andrzej Roman Jasiewicz (Poland)
  1995. The Bosnian conflict is coming to an end but violence doesn’t stop between the two ethnic groups. The UN forces cannot prevent revenge, acts of cruelty and ferocities. Tracked by the militia, Irina and her father try to escape but when a sniper shoots her dad, Irina has to keep going on her own. She finds shelter in an isolated farm, home of a very religious Muslim Bosnian family, but she has a hard time getting accepted by them. While the conflict is calming down thanks to the UN and the Red Cross action, Irina takes part in the farm activities and becomes friend with the young Malik. But prejudice and resentment disturb the quiet family life and jeopardize the kids’ friendship. On a freezing night, as they attempt to escape through the Bosnian mountains scattered with land mines, they put their lives in great danger… 
Motivation of the Jury:
For presenting one of the modern tragedies seen through the eyes of children, coming from two different backgrounds and set in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
27th Isfahan International Festival of Films for Children and Young Adults, Iran; 7-11 Oct, 2013 
CIFEJ Prize Winner: Ashi Mashi; Little Sparrow
Original Title: Gonjeshkake Ashi Mashi
Directors: Masoud Keramati, Gholamreza Ramezani, Vahid Nikkhah Azad
100 min/Iran/2013
Producers: Vahid Nikkhah Azad, Farabi Cinema Foundation
CIFEJ Jury Members: Ema Pendiuc (Romania), Ali Moallem (Iran)      
Episode: Dead End (Directed by Masoud Keramati)
Jalil, a 15-year-old boy, released from jail, can’t find her mother because she has kept herself from finding.
Episode: Breath (Directed by Gholam Reza Ramezani)
After Nasibeh’s husband releasing from jail, she has to take back her daughter, whom she gave her to Sepideh many years ago.
Episode: Listen to Me (Directed by Vahid Nikkhah Azad)
Narges, a 15-year-old and deaf girl, is lovely and successful. His father forces her to marry Ali Reza while this marriage destroys her wishes and dreams.
International Children's Television Festival «Dytiatko», Ukraine; 25-28 Sep, 2013
CIFEJ Prize Winner: All for One
Original Title: Все за одного
Director: Daria Liubshyna
1 min 47 sec/Russia/2012
Producer: Daria Liubshyna
CIFEJ Jury Member: Athina Rikaki (Greece)
The school tardy bell rings, a pupil of the 4th form is late and breaks in class, accidentally touches the teachers table and broke the image of our planet to pieces. The fate of the boy is now in the hands of the whole world. 
China International Children Film Festival, China; 10-14 Sep, 2013
CIFEJ Prize Winner: Cool Kids Don’t Cry
Original Title: Achtste Groepers Huilen Niet
Director: Dennis Bots
96 min/Netherlands/2012
Producers: Bijker B.V., Harro Van Staverden, David Bijker
CIFEJ Jury Members: Puran Derakhshandeh (Iran), Maryam Bafekrpour (Iran), Faith Isiakpere (Nigeria)
Eighth graders don’t cry. An 11-year old Akkie lives her life according to this motto. Akkie loves football and anything to do with love and femininity she considers stupid. Akkie got injured during a fight with her classmate but this injury has completely changed her life. How would she deal with such a life-changing tragedy? With the dream ahead and the love around, what would she do?
8thTehran International Animation Festival, Iran; 3-7 Mar, 2013
CIFEJ Prize Winner: Father
Original Title: Father
Director: Ivan Bogdanov
15 min 45 sec/Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany/2012
Production Company: Compote Collective
Distribution: Bonobostudio
CIFEJ Jury Members: Ebrahim Forouzesh (Iran), Prof. Dragan Milinković Fimon (Serbia), Isabel Herguera (Spain)
When did you last talk with your father? Will you ever ask him about those things that hurt you? 
15th Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People, Greece1-8 Dec, 2012 
CIFEJ (Centre International du Film pour l' Enfance et la Jeunesse) Prize
to Electrick Children by Rebecca Thomas (USA, 2012)
CIFEJ Jury member:Martina Lassacher (Austria) 
Rebecca Thomaswas born in Walnut Creek, CA in 1984. She was raised in Las Vegas, NV, the youngest of 5 children. She took a break from studying film at Brigham Young University to serve an 18-month Mormon mission In Japan. She went on to pursue her MFA in film directing at Columbia University in New York City. Electrick Children is her debut feature film.
31st Oulu International Children's and Youth Film Festival, Finland; 19-25 Nov, 2012
CIFEJ Prize Winner: Arcadia
Original Title: Arcadia
Director: Olivia Silver
90 min/USA/2012
Production Company/Distributor: Visit Films
CIFEJ Jury Members: Maikki Kantola (Finland); Julia Jarl (Sweden); Olivier Ringer (France) 
Greta's dad is moving the family cross-country, promising a California paradise and packing half the household into a dented station wagon. All that's missing is Mom. 
 Motivation of the Jury:
The International Jury has decided to give the prize to a poetic film about big changes and the courage to leave things behind.
"We were moved by an incredible young actress on her journey towards adulthood.
The storytelling captivated us from the beginning until the end, and every scene is a piece of art taking us inside the family's reality. 
Though, we felt intensively an underlying issue, we loved how the family was trying to keep up the good mood even when the journey took unpredictable turns."
42nd Roshd International Educational Film Festival, Iran; 26 Oct-2 Nov, 2012
CIFEJ Prize Winner: A Flame in the Wind
Original Title: Sho'leh dar Baad
Director: Farhad Mehranfar
89 min/Iran/2011
CIFEJ Jury Members: Rasoul Sadr-Ameli (Iran); Liset Cotera (Mexico)
This is the story of the joys and sorrows of two student girls, one living in a village in Gilan, in the northern part of Iran, and the other living in Qeshm, an Island in the south of Iran.  
26th Isfahan International Festival of Films for Children and Young Adults, Iran; 8-12 Oct, 2012
CIFEJ Prize Winner: Ways to Live Forever
Original Title: Ways to Live Forever
Director: Gustavo Ron
91 min/Spain-UK/2010
CIFEJ Jury Members: Vinod Ganatra (India); Rasoul Sadr-Ameli (Iran); Volodymyr Dyagilev (Ukraine)
Sam is 11 years old and he is fascinated by all sorts of information. He loves collecting stories and amazing facts. He wants to know about UFOs, scary movies, spaceships and ghosts. He suffers from leukemia.
International Children's Television Festival «Dytiatko», Ukraine; 21-24 Sep, 2012
CIFEJ Prize Winner: Movement 2012 
Original Title: Dvizhenie 2012
Director: Aleksandr Chernobay
9 min 20 sec/Ukraine/2012
CIFEJ Jury members: Martina Lassacher (Austria)
  “Dvizhenie 2012” is an opinion poll essay about eternal values such as friendship, love, happiness etc.
In every-day routine and rush to nowhere adult people stopped wondering “What is love?”, “What is time?” The author of the movie tried to transmit his own understanding of these notions as well as what other people of different age think of the issue to children and adults.
The movie is fully shot and edited by a schoolboy of the 10th form with no adult assistance.
21stCairo International Film Festival for Children, Egypt; 23-30 Mar, 2012 
CIFEJ Prize Winner: I am Kalam
Original Title: I am Kalam
Director: Nila Madhab Panda
90 min/India/2011
Production Company: Smile foundation
Distribution: Ultra Distributors Pvt. Ltd
CIFEJ Jury Members: Firdoze Bulbulia (South Africa), Faith Isiakpere (Nigeria), Jahmil Xolani (South Africa); Elske Falhena (the Netherlands)  
‘I am Kalam’ is an inspiring tale of a quick-witted boy’s journey to make his impossible vision a reality!!!!
Chotu is a young boy working at a dhaba (Indian roadside eatery), dreams of becoming educated one day and pursue his dream. Once he saw the then president of India, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam addressing on television. He learned that Kalam was a poor boy like him selling newspapers.
Chotu has been sent away by his mother to work and he has no time to go to school. Inspired by a message from President Kalam that anyone can change his or her destiny by education, Chotu starts studying on his own whenever possible. 
The CIFEJ General Assembly, Warsaw; 20-23 Jan , 2012
On Friday, Jan 20th, 2012 at the Opening Ceremony, CIFEJ Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Witold Gietsz, the Polish outstanding animator and inventor of “oil painted animations”, by Mohsen Chiniforoushan, the CIFEJ Secretary General.
Olympia International Film Festival for Children & Young People, Greece; 3-10 Dec, 2011 
CIFEJ Prize Winner: Lost in Africa                 
Original Title: Kidnappet
Director: Vibeke Muasya
 92 min/Denmark/2010  
Producer: Vibeke Windeløv, Karoline Leth
Production Company: SF Film Production ApS
 Distribution: Tine Klint/LevelK
CIFEJ Jury Members: Miomir Rajcevic (Serbia), Possidonio Cachapa (Portugal), Katy Kavanaugh (USA), Joan Parsons (UK), Manoussos Manoussakis 
12-year-old Simon goes on holiday to his country of origin Kenya, from where he was adopted to Denmark as a child. Playing in the hotel backyard his football gets kicked over the fence and some local kids take it. Simon goes after them and soon finds himself in Kibera, the slum on the outskirts of Nairobi, where he gets to be a part of the life and the adventures of his new friends. His fancy clothes and looks, however, get him easily into trouble and after his mother announces a reward of 100,000 shillings for finding him, everybody, including local gangsters and the police want a piece of him.
Motivation of the Jury:
The CIFEJ Prize went to this film for its successful presentation of a child endeavouring to find his routes.
 30th  Oulu International Children's and Youth Film Festival, Finland; 21-27 Nov, 2011
 CIFEJ Prize Winner: Lost in Africa 
Original Title: Kidnappet
Director: Vibeke Muasya
92 min/Denmark/2010  
Producer: Vibeke Windeløv, Karoline Leth
Production Company: SF Film Production ApS
Distribution: Tine Klint/LevelK
CIFEJ Jury Members: Pentti Kejonen (Finland), Giacomo Campeotto (Denmark), Tonje Hardersen (Norway), Felix Vanginderhuysen (Belgium)
12-year-old Simon goes on holiday to his country of origin Kenya, from where he was adopted to Denmark as a child. Playing in the hotel backyard his football gets kicked over the fence and some local kids take it. Simon goes after them and soon finds himself in Kibera, the slum on the outskirts of Nairobi, where he gets to be a part of the life and the adventures of his new friends. His fancy clothes and looks, however, get him easily into trouble and after his mother announces a reward of 100,000 shillings for finding him, everybody, including local gangsters and the police want a piece of him.
Motivation of the Jury:
"The International Jury will award the CIFEJ prize to a film that has an original and action-driven plot, but at the same time deals with the serious matter of the extreme differences in living conditions in the world.
It shows an impressive performance by its young cast in the ghetto, whose characters are portrayed both with respect and affection. It has an important message that even when you risk losing it all, you must still stand together and do what is right."
FICI-International Children and Youth Film Festival, Spain; 14-19 Nov, 2011
CIFEJ Prize Winner: The Magicians/The secret
Original Title: Hetgeheim
Director: Joram Lürsen
93 min/the Netherlands/2010
Producer: Joram Lürsen, Frank Ketelaar
Production Company: IDTV Film
Distribution: Delphis Films 
CIFEJ Jury Members: Samir Nasr (Canada), ...
Eight-year-old Ben learns magic tricks from a magician. He is fascinated by a particular disappearing trick. However, when his friend, Sylvie, seems to have disappeared forever, he has to find out what is real and what is unreal… 
25th Isfahan International Festival of Films for Children and Young Adults, Iran; 14-18 Nov, 2011
 CIFEJ Prize Winner: The Dreamer
Original Title: Sang pemimpi
Director: Riri Riza
122 min/Indonesia/2009
Producer: Mira Lesmana
Production Company: Miles Films                                                                                                                                                          Distribution: Miles Films
CIFEJ Jury Members: Firdoze Bulbulia (South Africa), Mohsen Chiniforoushan (Iran), Carmen Santos (Spain)
This film is a cinematic adaptation of Andrea Hirata’s hit novel, SANG PEMIMPI (The Dreamer). The film takes the audience through the adolescent years of Ikal, as well as his cousin ARAI and his friend JIMBRON.
In order to continue their education, the boys must leave their village for the port city of Manggar-dozens of kilometers away from their families. Under the supervision of a young and spirited teacher named Julian Balia, Ikal, Arai and Jimbron become inspired by his fresh ideas to pursue big dreams. They make a promise to stick together to reach their ambitious dream: studying in Paris and traveling the world.
Motivation of the Jury:
While appreciating 'Winter's Daughter'- for its well constructed and clear narration, with very good performances by both the child and adult actors, we give the CIFEJ Prize to 'The Dreamer' by Riri Riza- for reminding us that dreams do come true! And making the notion of ''UBUNTU- I am, because you are" come to life.
The intricate tapestry of life for young people living in Indonesia was a visual feast, the clever use of music and the gentle bond of family and friendship all added to the high production value and met the criteria for the CIFEJ Prize.
CINEKID International Film Festival, the Netherlands; 12-21 Oct, 2011
CIFEJ Lifetime Achievement Award is granted to Ms. Sannette Naeyé on the occasion of 25thanniversary of CINEKID.
This award which includes a crystal trophy and 1000 US$ cash prize gifted to her in recognition of the outstanding contribution she has made to the world of films for children by initiating CINEKID Film Festival and promoting it.
29e Festival International de Cinéma Jeunesse de Rimouski, Canada; 25 Sep-2 Oct, 2011
CIFEJ Prize Winner: Themba: A Boy Called Hope
Original Title: Themba: A Boy Called Hope
Director: Stefanie Sycholt
105 min/South Africa/2009
Producer: Brigid Olen
Production Company: DO Productions
Contact name and address: Valda Dicks
Distributor: Beta Film GmbH
CIFEJ Jury Members: Nicole Dreiske(USA), Jacques Bernard(Canada), Philippe Faconnier (Island of Reunion)
 In South Africa, Themba is a young Xhosa boy who dreams of soccer stardom. Despite a harsh childhood, his dream is made real when he is signed to the Bafana Bafanas, giving him the courage to tell the world that he has AIDS and is a victim of rape.
Motivation of the Jury:
CIFEJ the Centre Internationale de Film Pour L’Enfance et Jeunesse has been in existence for 55 years, and was based in Canada for decades before moving to Tehran.  The goals of this prestigious and respected organization are to assure the continued production of high quality films for children and to fully realize the potential of film to facilitate cross-cultural understanding. More than 100 festivals are members of CIFEJ and it was a real honor to be a part of the CIFEJ jury this year with my colleagues Jacques Bernard from Rimouski, Canada and Philippe Faconnier from the island of Reunion.
We were lucky to have ten marvelous films to consider, and the choice was not an easy one to make.
From urban Denmark to rural Turkey, from South Africa to Suriname, each film had special qualities to recommend it.
But the CIFEJ prize has to bridge two equally important concerns-first it must go to a film of high artistic and technical quality. Second, the film must demonstrate a genuine respect for the dignity and rights of all children, while reflecting the diversity of cultural expression.
With these two themes in mind, the CIFEJ Jury selected a film that addresses the unique challenges faced by African children and families as a result of the AIDS pandemic. Mindful of human dignity, the film shows the strain on the family unit and the remarkable survival strategies that young people must implement when a family member contracts the HIV virus. Ending on a resounding note of personal courage and hope, the film puts a relatable, human face on this tragedy encouraging our respect, our compassion and our involvement.
36th PolishFilm Festival, Poland; 6-11 Jun, 2011
CIFEJ Prize Winner: The Wild Swans
Original Title: De vilde svaner
Based on a story with the same name by: HansChristian Andersen
Directors: Peter Flint, Ghita Nørby
Screenplay: Jesper W. Nielsen, Hendes Majestæt Dronning Margrethe
60 min/Denmark/2009
Producer: Jacob Jørgensen
Production Company: JJ Film APS
CIFEJ Jury Members: Mohsen Chiniforoushan (Iran), Derek Horne (UK), Kazimierz Jarmas (Poland)  
Based on one of the fairy tales of Andersen, it’s the story of Princess Elisa who rescues her eleven brothers from a spell cast by an evil queen.
Motivation of the Jury:
The unanimous decision of the Jury was to present the CIFEJ Prize for the outstanding Children’s film of this festival to “The Wild Swans”.
This decision was based on the strength and clarity of the script, the imaginative art-direction and the splendid photography and performances.
This remarkable production successfully brings a classic story to modern young audiences.
Tehran International Animation Festival, Iran; 6-10 Mar, 2011
CIFEJ Prize Winner: Copernicus's Star                                                   
Original Title: Gwiazda Kopernika                                                          
89 min 50 sec/Poland/2009
Directors: Zdzisław Kudła, Andrzej Orzechowski
Production Company: Studio Filmów Rysunkowych
CIFEJ Jury Members: Firdoze Bulbulia (South Africa), Andrzej Roman Jasiewicz (Poland), Ali Moallem (Iran)
Nicolaus Copernicus, the son of a merchant from Toruń, was a curious and bright 10-year-old boy when Dutch astrologer Paul van de Volder encouraged his interest in stars. The charlatan astrologer appeared in Nicolaus's life once more, when he was a student at Jagiellonian University. A fight for Copernicus' soul began between university employees and Van de Volder. Copernicus develops many questions and doubts, out of which his world-changing discovery is born. This animated story about Copernicus life shows the academic atmosphere of the time, full of contradictions.
And also, CIFEJ Special Mention was given to the film " Masha and the Bear" at TIAF.  
7 min 46 sec/Russia/2010
Director: Oleg Uzhinov
 Producer: Oleg Kuzovkov
Production Company: Animaccord Animation Studio
The Bear teaches the little girl Masha to recognize footprints on the snow.
Olympia International Film Festival for Children & Young People, Greece; 27 Nov-11 Dec, 2010
CIFEJ Prize Winner: The Indian
Original Title: De Indiaan
Director: Ineke Houtman
90 min/the Netherlands/2009
Producer: Burny Bos, Michiel de Rooij, Sabine Veenendaal
Production Company: BosBros Film-TV Productions
World Sales: Delphis Films Inc.
CIFEJ Jury Members:Sannette Naeye (the Netherlands), Simina Banulescu (Romania), Possidonio Cachapa (Portugal), Miomir Rajcevic (Serbia), Yiannis Kalatzopoulos
A little Eight-year-old boy wants very much to look like his impressive, typically Dutch father. One day, he encounters a boy playing a strange music and he begins to find out he is originally Peruvian. From that day on, he does his best to be a true Indian…
29th Oulu International Children's and Youth Film Festival, Finland; 15-21 Nov, 2010
 CIFEJ Prize Winner: Super Brother
Original Title: Superbror
89 min/Denmark/2009
Director: Birger Larsen
Production Company: Åke Sandgren/ Nordisk Film A/S
Distribution: Nordisk Film Distribution A/S
CIFEJ Jury Members: Petr Koliha (Czech Republic), Eva Schwarzwald (Italy), Marjut Komulainen (Finland)
10-year-old Anton would like to have an ordinary big brother. His big brother, Buller, is autistic. Anton dreams of a fearless and brave big brother who would defend him against the bullies at school. But the only thing Buller can think of is space. Then, suddenly, Anton founds a Super Trip Remote which has come from outer space and Buller becomes the Super Brother Anton has always dreamt of. Soon the boys are involved in an adventure with supernatural forces.
 Motivation of the Jury:
 The CIFEJ Jury appreciated the quality of the 11 films in competition at the 29th Oulu International Children´s Film Festival. A high level of the films brought us to a deep discussion: in every film, there is plenty of good, but one film to us is the best, because it has a strong story, good acting, a well combined level of fantasy and reality; and it affirms strongly that power and responsibility must always go together.
The film approaches a very important issue-diversity-and shows a true view of the autistic problem, saying there are always solutions to get nearer to the persons you love. Two brothers must try to find these solutions and through an entertaining film, which respects children´s own fantasy and contemporary language, the director brings the audience in a possible better world.
28th  Festivalde Cinéma Jeunesse de Rimouski,  Canada; 25 Sep-3 Oct, 2010
CIFEJ Prize Winner: Harun-Arun
Original Title: Harun-Arun
73 min/India/2009
Director: Vinod Ganatra
Production Company: Films Division Complex
CIFEJ Jury Members: Monic Lessard (Canada), Adam Pageot-Gendron (Canada), Nadège Challeil (France)
 1947 partition of India divided not only a country but many hearts and families, too. One such man separated from his motherland, leaving his house and farm to his married daughter;  Rashid Suleman who is living in Pakistan with his only surviving family member, his grandson Harun. This film explores the story of Harun, a young boy who is extremely fond of Indian films and songs. The rough life in a hostile environment has taught Harun a lot of survival skills.     
BAB-Biennial of Animation Bratislava,Slovakia; 12-16 Oct, 2010
CIFEJ Prize Winner: The Gruffalo
Original Title: The Gruffalo
27 min/UK/2009
Directors: Jakob Schuh, Max Lang
Producers: Michael Rose, Martin Pope
Production Company: Magic Light Pictures
CIFEJ Jury Members:Vinod Ganatra (India), Tiziana Loschi (France), Oxana Čerkasova (Russia), Vladimír Malík (Slovak Republic), Gene Deitch (U.S.A.), Zuzana Alnerová (Slovak Rep-UNICEF), Peter Glocko (Slovakia)   
This is a magical tale about a mouse who takes a stroll through the woods. Encountering three predators who all wish to eat him – a fox, an owl, and a snake – the plucky mouse has to use his wits to survive. Film is based on the classic picture book, written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler.                              
Motivation of the Jury: 
 The CIFEJ Prize was given to the film “The Gruffalo” for the victory of imagination over harshness.
LUCAS International Children’s Festival,Germany; 5-12 Sep, 2010
CIFEJ Prize Winner: My Good Enemy
Original Title: Min Bedste Fjende
90 min/Denmark/2010
Director: Oliver Ussing
Production Company/World Sales: Bullitt Film
CIFEJ Jury Members: Christian Exner (Germany), Possidónio Cachapa (IndieJúnior-Portugal), Irene Wellershoff (ZDF-Germany)
Intense and well-written, the movie relates the story of Toke and Alf, two outsiders; the former because of his obesity, and the latter for his ballet dancing. When the bullies in their class injure Alf, he proposes to Toke to found a club to defend themselves. They start with playing harmless tricks on their enemies, but soon, their actions, especially Toke's actions, become more and more aggressive and uncontrollable. Alf tries to save his friend from self-destruction. 
Motivation of the Jury:
The CIFEJ-Jury has decided to give the award to a metaphorical film that breaks the clichés. This very well scripted and directed coming of age film portrays the consequences and how the circle of violence deforms the ones who want to defend themselves. The victim becomes the aggressor. It deals with a burning problem in many schools that is told pointed and sensitive, as well. This work can't leave the audience indifferent; a disturbing story that promotes and opens discussions.
 Also, CIFEJ Special Mention was given to the film “1981” at Lucas Film Festival 
102 min/Canada/2009
Director: RicardoTrogi                                                                                                                               
Production Company: Go Films                                                                                                   
 World Sales: E1 Entertainment International                                                                                                    
Filmmaker Ricardo Trogi recalls the events surrounding his family moving to a new neighborhood when he was 11years old.
In 1981, the Trogi family moves into a new home. At the age of eleven, Ricardo doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “mortgage” but, fully feels its impact. He is the new kid in a class where the other students are from wealthier backgrounds, and he feels his honor is at stake. To avoid being exposed, Ricardo resorts to inventing a new family history, which he must vigilantly maintain to keep up appearances for his new friends.  Finally, when he can no longer ignore the reality of his family’s situation, young Ricardo must decide how to build on his true identity.
Motivation of the Jury: 
The CIFEJ-Jury has given a special mention to a humorous
film that portrays family life in a very honest and realistic way.
13th Kristiansand International Children's Film Festival; 27 Apr-2 May, 2010
CIFEJ Prize Winner: A Brand New Life
Original KoreanTitle: Yeo-haeng-ja
Original FrenchTitle: Une Vie Toute Neuve
92 min/France-South Korea/2009
Director: Ounie Lecomte
Production Company: Now Films                                                                                                                                                                   
 International Sales: Fine cut
CIFEJ Jury Members: Bitte Eskilsson (Sweden), Ulrich Breuning (Denmark), Rune Tellefsen (Norway)
1975. It's the start of summer, somewhere in a small town in South Korea.  Jinhee is 9. Her father entrusts her to a convent of Catholic nuns that houses an orphanage for girls in the hope that she will be adopted. Jinhee resists. She cannot believe that this father whom she loves so much has abandoned her. She tries to make him come back. She attempts to run away. In vain, she finally accepts her fate, forced to hope and wait for her possible adoption. Her time at the orphanage will be one of multiple and permanent separations, of barely forged bonds destined to be shattered.
Motivation of the Jury:
“The CIFEJ Jury has chosen a prizewinner which keeps a good deal of dramaticsecrets.
The main character herself – a nine year old girl–keeps a secret, her father keeps a dark secret, and the people around her in a little community have also their hidden secrets.
The Film has a great respect for the characters and it challenges the young audience in an inspiring way.
It takes place in a limited area and has an atmosphere of its own, but the story is universal with a good deal of secrets.
The way the film is told is at the same time sad and beautiful.
It shows a unique talent, which is especially impressing for a debutant.
20th  Cairo International Children's Film Festival, Egypt; 4-11 Mar, 2010
CIFEJ Prize Winner: The Thin Match Man
Original Title: L'uomo fiammifero
81 min/Italy/2009
Director: Marco Chiarini
Production Company: Cineforum Teramo
CIFEJ Jury Members: Mika Anttolainen (Finland-Oulu Film Fest), Roger
McIntosh (UK), Uta Hartmann-Beth (Germany), Dr. Eatimad Khalaf (Egypt), Revathy Menon (India), Mariacamilla Capozzi (Italy), Salah El-ahmar (Libya), Elizabetha Bostan (Romania)
The young Italian director of this film expresses the memory of a childhood in a most sensitive, private and poetic way. It testifies to an outstanding knowledge of Italian Film Art.
Olympia International Film Festival for Children & Young People, Greece;  5-12 Dec, 2009
 CIFEJ Prize Winner: The Eagle Hunter’s Son
Original Title: Die Stime des Adlers
87 min/Germany-Sweden/2009
Director: Rene Bo Hansen
Production Companies: Stromberg Productions, EdenFilm, Filmboard Berlin-Brandenburg (FBB)                                                                                 
CIFEJ Jury Members: Wangtae Lim (South Korea), Rose-Marie Strand (Sweden)
Father and son are brought together by unexpected circumstances in this family drama. Bazarbai (Bazarbai Matei) is a twelve-year-old boy who lives with his family in a mountainous region between Kazakhstan and Mongolia. Bazarbai's father (Mardan Matei) is a skilled hand with eagles and other game birds, and he wants his son to follow in his footsteps, but Bazarbai is more interested in moving to the city when he's old enough.
10th  du Grain à Demoudre Film Festival, France; 20-29 Nov, 2009
CIFEJ Prize Winner: The Other Bank
Original Title: Gagma Napiri
90 min/Georgia–Kazakhstan/2009
(Not suitable for children under 12)
Director: George Ovashvili
Production Company: KINO
CIFEJ Jury Member: Jose Maria Lara (Spain), Jean Jacques Mitterand (UFFEJ-France)
Tedo, 12 years old, and his young mother, Keto are refugees from Abkhazia. Tedo’s father had to stay behind because of an illness. Tedo and Keto now live in an abandoned hut in a suburb of Tbilisi. Tedo is apprentice in a car repair shop, and Keto works as a shop assistant. Several years have gone by since their displacement, but still Tedo cannot adapt to the new environment. He blames himself for not being able to financially contribute to improve their situation and has serious difficulty in accepting the life his mother is leading.
Discovering his mother with a lover is just too much for Tedo, and he decides to return home – to go back to his father.
Carrousel International du Film de Rimouski,Canada; 26 Sep-4 Oct, 2009
CIFEJ Prize Winner: A Time to Love
Original Title: Zamani Baraye Doust Dashtan
85 min/ Iran/2008
Director: Ebrahim Forouzesh
Production Company/ World Sales: Farabi Cinema Foundation
CIFEJ Jury Members: Chloé Brugalé (Australia), Beatrix Sartori (Switzerland), Viveka Melki(Canada)
Because of his significant physical handicap, Babak stands out everywhere and is therefore unbelievably embarrassing to his brother Afshin. Afshin is ashamed of him, the other children tease him, and when his father loses his job and blames his son’s handicap, he decides to isolate Babak in his room.
LUCAS International Children’s Festival,Germany; 6-13 Sep, 2009
CIFEJ Prize Winner: Morrison Gets a Babysister
Original Title: Morrison krijgt een zusje
71 min/the Netherlands/2008
Director: Barbara Bredero
Production Company: BosBros Film-TV Productions
CIFEJ Jury Members: Vinod Ganatra (India), Agnieszka Piechnik (Poland), Holger Twele (Germany)
 Five-year-old Morrison Glas is about to get a baby sister – and he is not very happy about it. He likes things just as they are. He loves living in the countryside with his dad, Steven, a mechanic who repairs broken cars (and who is even teaching Morrison how to drive), and his mom, Nina, a veterinarian who, as Morrison says, “repairs broken animals.”  But with his parents paying less attention to him now that his sister is on the way, Morrison fears that his whole life will be turned upside down. Even worse, he learns that his bedroom will be given to the baby and he will have to stay with his great aunt Zuster at a gloomy monastery in the forest. Morrison tries to convince his parents that they don't need a new child, since he is the best one they could hope for. But when that plan fails and his sister arrives, Morrison decides to run away– taking the newborn with him!

20th Int’l Film Festival for Children and Young Adults, Iran; 2005
CIFEJ Prize Winner: Requiem of Snow
Original Title: Marsiyeh Barf
90 min/Iran/2005
Director: Jamil Rostami
Screenplay: Sholeh Shariati
Producer: Seyed Ahmad Miralaie
Production Company: Mahed Film
In a village stricken by drought, people are praying for rain and a Kurdish girl is trying to escape from an arranged marriage when she runs into a stranger.


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