GA 2009

General Assembly - CIFEJ

Taipei, September 21st- 23rd, 2009

Letter from President and Secretary General


Dear CIFEJ members


We are glad to inform you that the 2009 CIFEJ General Assembly was held in the beautiful city of Taipei, Taiwan from 21st to 23rd September 2009.

The 3 days were filled with positive energy, enthusiasm and friendship and the following important decisions were made:

1. Election of Firdoze Bulbulia as the President of CIFEJ

2. Election of Iran as the NEW HQ

3. Election of Mohsen Chiniforoushan as the Secretary General of CIFEJ

4. Proposals for New Projects and negotiations on them

5. Approval of Financial Report (2007, 2008)

6. Election of the New Board of Directors, as follow:

              1- Katerina Minichová(Slovakia)

              2- Helen Ward(UK)

              3- Vinod Ganatra(India)

              4- Günther Kinstler(Germany)

              5- Samir Nasr(Canada)

              6- Bitte Eskilson(Sweden)

              7- Antonella Di Nocera(Italy)

              8- Jean-Luc Slock(Belgium) 

7. It was approved that an electronic Extraordinary GA to be held in the coming 6 months for studying the proposals on the amendments of the Statutes and Bylaws of CIFEJ. 


Also, at the first New Board meeting held in Taipei on Sep 24th, we concluded the following: 


  1. Katerina Minichová(Slovakia)- elected as the1st Vice President
  2. Günther Kinstler(Germany)- elected as the 2nd Vice President
  3. Maryam Bafekrpour- elected as the Executive Director
  4. Mohammad-Reza Hedayati – elected as the Treasurer
  5. For closing the annual budget of CIFEJ with clear and complete details, it was determined at all proposals to be sent to the HQ no later than the end of October so as after first analyzing, to be shared electronically with the members of the Board and final decision to be made in the frame of the budget
  6. The next Board meeting will be held on March 2010 in Belgrade and we hope that the Virtual Extra-GA for decision making on the amendments of the Statutes to be held simultaneously with this meeting.
  7. It was agreed that Miomir Rajcevic continues his responsibility with regard to the CIFEJ website (Virtual World of CIFEJ).
  8. The new CIFEJ Bank account will be announced very soon by the Secretary General so that respectful members of CIFEJ can pay their membership fees to the new bank account and the old CIFEJ Bank account will be closed.


Dear members

The previous Board of CIFEJ worked tirelessly to secure a CIFEJ that would be active and productive despite the difficulties that resulted from transferring the HQ from Canada to South Africa amd the lack of funding and support from global partners. We take this opportunity to once again thank the former CIFEJ Board especially Athina Rikaki, Miomir Rajcevic and Maikki Kantola for all their support and efforts in ensuring a very positive CIFEJ GA. We hope that we will be able to count on their support in the future.

We look forward to creating a CIFEJ that is in line with the development and production of children's media globally and that will regain its global status as organization-bringing together children's media professionals who are producers, Developers and policy-makers in a harmonious and friendly manner.

We look forward to your continued support as we forge together to make CIFEJ a formidable Global Children's Media Organization.


  Firdoze Bulbulia                                                 Mohsen Chiniforoushan     

   President-CIFEJ                                                  Secretary General-CIFEJ


  • CIFEJ General Assembly will be held in Hyderabad, India from 10 to 14 of November 2017
  • CIFEJ Animation Website (Animation CKC) has started to work!