GA 2014

General Assembly 2014

CIFEJ General Assembly, China, Beijing, 7-8 of May 2014

The biennial CIFEJ General Assembly was held in Beijing, China, from 7 to 8 of May. Many of CIFEJ members took part in this event.

Wednesday, 7 of May

Firdoze Bulbulia, The previous president of CIFEJ, started the meeting by welcoming the attendees and asked them to introduce themselves. Then she talked about how she encountered CIFEJ and about her love affairs with it. She also talked about CIFEJ activities during the previous term very briefly. She thanked everybody and promised to remain a committed CIFEJ member.

Dr. Hou Keming, the chairperson of China Children’s Film Association (CCFA), the host of GA and the board member (and the present president) of CIFEJ, greeted everyone and talked about CCFA history and its activities and at last wished CIFEJ GA a great success.

After verifying the proxies, Mohsen Chiniforoushan, the Secretary General of CIFEJ, gave report about CIFEJ activities during the previous term which the most important of them are as follow:

  • Holding 4 CIFEJ Days in Tunisia, Dubai, China and Ukraine, in each of which there was animation or film scripting workshops.
  • Holding or taking part in 3 seminars and conferences in Ukraine, Qatar and Romania.
  • Holding 5 board meeting in Warsaw, Tunisia, Dubai, Ukraine and Romania.
  • Awarding CIFEJ Prize to about 13 films.
  • Increasing the number of members to 91.
  • Publishing 5 CIFEJ Info Magazine.

 (You can find the details of these events in the catalogue)

In the afternoon, some issues were discussed and some important decisions were made about them like establishing regional offices and the proposals which were presented by the members.

At the end, the candidates for the presidency and board membership, talked about themselves and their plans for CIFEJ.

Thursday, 8 of May

The election was held and the new board members were elected as follow:

As the President:  

Hou Keming (China)

As the Board Members:
Volodymyr Diagilev (Ukraine)
Vinod Ganatra (India)
Sulafa Hijazi (Syria)
Faith Isiakpere (Nigeria)
Maikki Kantola (Finland)
Christine L. Mendoza (USA)
Ali Moallem (Iran)

 In the afternoon, there was an international forum on “The Development of Children’s Film” in the China National Film Museum in which many children’s film professionals gathered together and talked about 2 important topics:

  • Focus on filmmaking for children
  • Children’s film: Media education and social engagement

 At the end of the forum, Ms. Yu Lan, a great Chinese actress who has had a very important role in children’s filmmaking in China, was presented CIFEJ Lifetime Achievement Award.

Next CIFEJ General Assembly, Beijing - China, 6 - 10 May, 2014

Dear members

Following the CIFEJ Headquarters’ previous announcement about the next CIFEJ General Assembly that is to be held in Beijing - China on May 6th - 10th 2014, this is to inform you about some important points:

- All the members who have confirmed their attendance in the GA should fulfill the registration form and send it back to the HQ as soon as possible.

- Those members, who are unable to attend, can be represented by another member by submitting a proxy in writing. According to the CIFEJ statutes, each paid member can hold at most, two (2) proxies.

- CIFEJ accepts the proposals which can help it to achieve its goals, so the members who have any suggestion in this field, can fill in the Project Proposals Form and submit it to the HQ before March 15th, 2014.

- According to the CIFEJ statutes and bylaws, candidates to the Board of Directors, including the president, are nominated from among the members by the members. Those members who are interested to work with CIFEJ as a board member should fill in the Candidacy Form. The fulfilled forms must be submitted to the HQ before 15th of March, 2014.

- The members who are interesting in hosting CIFEJ next General Assembly can fill in the Proposal Form for Next Host of GA. The deadline for sending your proposals is March 15th, 2014.

- The free accommodation, meal and local transport and also the 500 USD for airfare allowance are just provided for “CIFEJ members” which means those members who have no debt to CIFEJ and have paid or will pay their membership fees on their arrival and before the voting process.

If you have any question, please contact us.

CIFEJ Headquarters

Invitation to GA 2014

Dear member of CIFEJ,

It’s with great pleasure that we invite you to the next Biennial General Assembly of CIFEJ that will be held in Beijing, China. You can find the schedule of GA as follow:

Board Meeting
May 5 Mon. Arrival
May 6 Tue. Meeting

GA Meeting
May 6 Tue. Arrival
May 7 Wed. Meeting
May 8 Thur. Meeting
May 9 Fri. Get-together with Chinese Filmmakers + City Travels
May 10 Sat. Departure

New Board Meeting
May 10 Sat. Meeting
May 11 Sun. Departure

1) Accommodation: Four nights’ accommodation will be offered to all GA attendees. Before GA, one extra night's accommodation will be offered to nine board members. After GA, one extra night's accommodation will be offered to nine new board members.
2) Meal and local transport: Free buffet (lunch / dinner) and local transport (airport-hotel-venue) is offered.
3) Airfare allowance: Each GA attendee is going to be offered 500 USD for airfare allowance. Please be noted that according to China's accounting rules, the original copy of invoice/receipt is necessary.

4) Interpreters: Because the conference language is English, interpreters are not required during GA and aboard meetings. Interpreters will be offered for get-together with Chinese filmmakers and English guide for city travel. 

5) Visa application: Please send us the following info before Feb 7. After receiving them, we will prepare the invitation letter and book the hotel. (We have to book and prepay the hotel now because May is peak tourist season in China.)

1) The photo copy of passport's info page

2) The arrival and departure dates

The confirmation of your attendance and the info mentioned above should be emailed to:

If the attendee needs Invitation Letter of Duly Authorized Unit, please inform us as soon as possible. It will take us several days to get it from China government. You could contact China embassy to confirm the visa documents you need.

If you want to have an accompanying person, all of his/her expenses will be on your own.


  • CIFEJ General Assembly will be held in Hyderabad, India from 10 to 14 of November 2017
  • CIFEJ Animation Website (Animation CKC) has started to work!