CIFEJ General Assembly, November 2017, Hyderabad, India

CIFEJ General Assembly, November 2017, Hyderabad, India

CIFEJ General Assembly, November 2017, Hyderabad, India

Dear All Members of CIFEJ,

It’s with great pleasure that we invite you to the next  General Assembly of CIFEJ that will be held in  Hyderabad, India from 10 to 14 of November 2017along with the 20th International Children Film Festival of India, The Golden Elephant. Dr. Shravan Kumar, the CEO of CFSI and CIFEJ member, has proposed hosting the GA of CIFEJ this year and you are all invited to this great event. If you would like to know our host more and want to find more information about CFSI, its CEO and the Golden Elephant, please refer to their web site in this address:


There are some important points that I should mention here:

-Accommodation, meal and local transport will be provided by CFSI. Our host also will pay 500 USD for airfare allowance to each participant member.             

-All the members who want to attend in the GA should fulfill the registration form and send it back to the HQ as soon as possible.     

-Those members, who are unable to attend, can be represented by another member by submitting a proxy in writing. According to the CIFEJ statutes, each paid member can hold at most two (2) proxies.

-CIFEJ accepts the proposals which can help it to achieve its goals, so the members who have any suggestion in this field, can fill in the Project Proposals Form and submit it to the HQ before October 1st, 2017.

-According to the CIFEJ statutes and bylaws, candidates to the Board of Directors, including the president, are nominated from among the members by the members. Those members who are interested to work with CIFEJ as a board member should fill in the Candidacy Form. The fulfilled forms must be submitted to the HQ before the 1st of October, 2017.

-The members who are interesting in hosting CIFEJ next General Assembly, can fill in the Proposal Form for Next Host of the GA. The dead line for sending your proposals is October 1st, 2017.

-The free accommodation, meal and local transport and also the 500 USD for airfare allowance are just provided for “ CIFEJ members “ which means those members who have no debt to CIFEJ and have paid or will pay their membership fees on their arrival and before the voting process.

You can find all the forms mentioned above (Registration and Proxy, Project Proposals and Candidacy forms and also the Proposal Form for the Next Host of the GA) in CIFEJ web site (, → General Assembly → GA 2017

I will be back to you with the details about the GA programs very soon. Please contact with us if you have any question.

Hope to see you all in Hyderabad, India in November 2017.

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  • CIFEJ General Assembly will be held in Hyderabad, India from 10 to 14 of November 2017
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